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Edensaw Woods was founded to provide specialty plywoods, hardwoods & veneers to the local Port Townsend and Olympic Peninsula boat building community. As Edensaw has grown since 1984, our product offering has only increased a thousand fold. We now offer an assortment of shop and hand tools, exotic woods from around the world, live edge slabs, craft and turning woods, specialty burls, quality veneers, marine plywood’s and hardwoods. Providing our customers with not only quality wood but additional quality services, we have added a CNC and additional milling services as well. Our on-site millhouse works with our customers to utilize our great selection of wood, to design solid wood products according to their exact specifications. We pride ourselves on being able to individually hand pick our lumber and wood veneer from our own stock for each order, which increases the consistently high quality. We supply custom materials for local yacht manufactures and boat repair-restoration and fine homes of all kinds. With our custom moulding capabilities, we have been known to duplicate classic Victorian trim and siding patterns to renovate homes on the National Historic Homes Register. Our delivery trucks serve the entire Puget Sound region directly from Edensaw's Port Townsend Headquarters, and our Tacoma warehouse.

Beyond our regional delivery area we work with most shipping channels: truck, rail, freight forwarders, as well as UPS, FEDEX and USPS. Our dedicated dispatch and warehouse crew work diligently to get our customers’ orders processed and shipped as quickly and effectively as possible.

Accept our open invitation to Edensaw's Worldwide Headquarters and come explore the many wonders we have in store.

We are honored to provide the best wood products and quality services to our customers and welcome working with you or your contractor on your next project.

At Edensaw, we measure our success by your success.

And speaking of growth, we invite you to read about and see photos of our evolution on the time line presented below.

Marine Plywood

The year Jim (Kiwi) Ferris and Charlie Moore launched the partnership of Edensaw Woods. They started business in Kiwi's yard with an old J.C Penny truck, some blue plastic tarps and a few hundred dollars.

Custom Wood Supplier

We hired our first full time employee, Artie Franklin, who is still with us managing the warehouse.

Woodworking Tools

The Seton Road property was purchased for our proposed main Edensaw Campus.

Marine Lumber

Milo, our first full time truck driver joined us and continues to deliver our products to our growing list of satisfied customers in the Puget Sound region.

Hardwood Flooring

Edensaw left the land of blue tarps and moved into a brand new 9600 square foot warehouse, and the office moved from Kiwi's house to a 32' office trailer at Edensaw Campus on Seton Road.

Wood Veneer

Lew Morrello came aboard after serving with the US Navy where he was able to type 75 words a minute on a carrier heeled 30 degrees with a cup of coffee in one hand. With credentials like that we could not let him slip by and so he has been with us ever since.

Woodworking Tools

The 8' x 32' office trailer was traded in for a 10' x 60' office trailer.

Marine Grade Plywood

We constructed a second warehouse for our growing inventory of panel products.


This was the year we purchased the assets of ABC Millwork and so began the beginning of our in house millwork capabilities.

Marine Plywood Showroom

We finally moved into our permanent office complex complete with a massive 1,200 square foot showroom downstairs.

Wood Veneers

Edensaw made a giant leap and purchased ARI Veneers in Seattle and began our presence in the Emerald City.

We moved the Seattle location to a 14,000 square foot warehouse on 3rd Avenue to enable us to greatly increase our veneer inventory.

Marine Plywood Showroom

Is the year we are enlarging our office space from 1,200 square feet to 2760 square feet and our Showroom will increase from 1200 square feet to 3600 square feet.

Custom Wood Supplier

A Big Year For Us!
We added our new 40,000 sqf. warehouse & office building.  Well lit and purpose built this is a better working environment for us all.

 Marine Plywood Supplier


Having built said warehouse, gave us the opportunity to revamp our mill work house. We added; 2 sided planer, a second moulder, new belt sander and a state of the art sawdust collection system.