Size: 5.2mm x 4' x 8'
Description: BIRCH, A-1 NATURAL IMPORT, MDF Core
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Birch, A-1 Natural Import, MDF Core, 5.2mm x 4-ft x 8-ft

Birch Plywood & Sheets / Plywood & Sheet Goods features:

  • Wood:Birch Plywood
  • Plywood Grade: A-1
  • Type: Natural
  • Wood Source: Import
  • Plywood Core: Medium Density Fiber Core (MDF Core)
  • Size & Dimension: 5.2mm x 4-ft x 8-ft

5.2mm - A4
4' x 8'

Imported Birch ply is a great inexpensive hardwood veneer faced plywood.   Some of its many uses are as drawer bottoms and basic carcass construction in cabinetry.
The A4 designation indictates this panel is good one side. The "A" designation means a good quality Birch Face. The number "4" designates a mill option back which can be just about anything. 

The term "natural" relates to the color of the face veneer meaning it can be anywhere within the normal color range of Birch which is white to dark brown and can include a cherry red tone as well. 

It is 5.2mm thick which is just under 1/4".

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