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The T-7 model improves the accuracy and safety in edge tool sharpening thanks to two new innovations, a Square Edge Jig and a Truing and Dressing Tool with screw feed. These developments also make the sharpening more user friendly.

Conventional jigs on the market require that you align the tool in the jig with two mounting screws which is time consuming and you lose the exact repeatability at each sharpening. The new Tormek Square Edge jig solves this problem and the chisel will be lined up squarely, i.e. at 90 degrees, each time without any adjustments. This is achieved because the jig automatically aligns the chisel to its flat, machined face.

Another benefit is that the SE-76 can also clamp short and tapered tools firmly, e.g. Japanese chisels. The jig copes with blades up to 76 mm or 3" width.

The new Square Edge Jig SE-76 has safety stops, which prevent the tool from slipping off the stone, which can hurt your fingers.

The other development is a Truing and Dressing Tool TT-50 with screw feed. This enables the user to keep the stone in perfect condition, which is essential for a perfectly sharpened edge.

A seven year warranty applies to all customers including industrial users. This is possible due to the improved coating of the housing, stainless steel main shaft and a powerful, industrial AC motor, which is designed for continuous operation.


The T-7 model has all the latest improvements

TT-50 Truing and Dressing Tool

Truing and Dressing Tool with screw feed
Trues the grindstone exactly round and flat.
Guided by the Universal Support, which also
guides the jigs. Dual knobs for smooth feed
across the stone.

Stainless steel hardware

Stainless steel hardware
Prevents from rust and wear on bearings. With Tormek EzyLock you need no tools for mounting and dismounting the stone.

Universal support with acme thread

Universal Support with acme thread
Round section without flat machining makes
it faster to change position.

Improved horizontal base

Improved Horizontal Base
Double locking screws and tighter fit for
highest precision.

Micro Adjust with scale

Micro Adjust with scale
For a predetermined cutting depth when
using the TT-50 Truing and Dressing Tool.