SKU: S3F1000K40
Size: 1.5 Pint Kit
Description: System Three Cold Cure Kit
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Cold Cure may be used effectively down to 35°F in 100% relative humidity. It is an easy to use 2:1 ratio. It will not blush or turn milky in thin films and cures overnight. Cold Cure is a 100% solids, unfilled, medium modulus, low viscosity, moisture tolerant epoxy system. Cold Cure has no VOCs. It is non-shrinking, flexible and has excellent resistance to cracking, abrasion, common chemicals and fatigue. Cold Cure is clear and is compatible with most paints and clear finishes. When cured it can be machined, drilled, sanded and tapped. Cold Cure is a corrosion resistant coating, sealer and laminating resin.