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SKU: MAG8110005
Size: One 150# Magswitch
Description: Magswitch Mag-Jig
Price: $37.00/EA
Quantity: Print
The Ultimate Workholding Clamp.  Nothing else like it – ever!   150 pounds of holding force in a simple 180 degree turn of a knob!  Unmatched speed strength and precision in clamping, Magswitch MagJig Magnetic clamps have revolutionized table top workholding.   Features fast, strong set up anywhere on a steel or cast iron table or fence. Not limited by the miter slot or table edge. Use in your custom jigs and fixtures by drilling a 40mm hole using a Forstner bit into standard ¾” stock.  Drill as many holes as you want for as much strength and flexibility as you need by simply dropping in MagJigs.  Also for use with the Magswitch Workholding System as it fits in our Universal Mounting Base.   We recommend use of two per fixture to avoid pivot.
Manufactured By:  Magswitch Technology

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