Size: 12mm x 8' x 4', 5 Ply
Description: Banova Plus, Balsa Core
19 lbs per sheet
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Banova Plus, Balsa Core, 12mm x 8-ft x 4-ft, 5 Ply

Balsa Plywood Sheets / Plywood & Sheet Goods features:

  • Wood: Banova Plus
  • Ply Core: Balsa Core
  • Type: Plywood Sheets

BANOVA® PLY - Light and strong interior panels
BANOVA® PLY is a lightweight plywood consisting of adhesive bonded balsa
veneers. Owing to the varying panel thicknesses, processing variants and its
combination with different facings, it is extremely versatile in use. Besides being
lightweight and environmentally compatible, BANOVA® PLY offers the possibility of
using existing woodworking tools as well as connecting techniques.

Just as BANOVA® PLY can be produced with the
most diverse properties, there are also hardly any
restrictions when it comes to using them.

- Fronts, desktop and body parts of furniture
- Paneling and claddings
- Floor panels
- Structural components
- Industrial applications
- Marine

Weight Reduction - Less means more
The use of BANOVA® PLY generates a reduction in weight of
45-65% with unvarying mechanical properties. This improves
the benefits for customers in various ways:

- Greater efficiency due to lower operating costs and
   increased load capacity in boats, and motorhomes.
- Easy to handle in production and logistics.
- Large-scale components that are low in weight.

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