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Size: 8/4
Description: PURPLEHEART
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8/4 Purpleheart Lumber, Exotic Lumber

Purpleheart Lumber / Exotic Lumber features:

  • 8/4
  • Purpleheart Lumber
  • Exotic Lumber
Purpleheart Lumber (Exotic Lumber) is also known as Peltogyne or Amaranth. Freshly cut the heartwood is dull grayish/purplish brown. Upon exposure it becomes a deeper eggplant color. Purple Heart is challenging to work with but is extremely durable. Purple Heart wood is very durable, and can resists both decay and most insect attacks, though it has been reported to be susceptible to attack from marine borers.
Origin: Central and South America.
Common uses are: Boat building, decking, flooring, lumber, and furniture.

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