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Size: HK-1 KIT
Description: Hot Stuff Pro Kit, 1 ea Red/Green/Orange
and 6 Ounce NCF-Quick Accelerator
Price: $43.90/EA
Quantity: Print

Hot Stuff Pro Kit

The Hot Stuff Pro Kit is perfect when you don't need a lot of glue but you do need the ability to make different types of bonds (handymen, installers, home users). The kit comes with one 1oz bottle of Hot Stuff, Super T, and Special T as well as a 6oz NCF Quick aerosol accelerator, a 2oz bottle of debonder, and two extra spouts and overcaps. With this kit, you are prepared for nearly any bond. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED VIA GROUND SERVICE

Hot Stuff MSDS
Super T MSDS
Special T MSDS
Accelerators MSDS
Solvent MSDS

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