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Description: Kreg Deck Jig Drill Bit Set
Price: $17.00/EA
Quantity: Print

Kreg Deck Jig Drill Bit Set
Set includes:
  • Specialized Stepped Tip
  • High Quality Durable Steel
  • ¼” Hex Shank Prevents Slippage

This specialized single-piece stepped drill bit was designed exclusively for drilling concealed holes with the Kreg Deck Jig™. The bit creates an unobtrusive hole on the edge of your Deck Boards. The bit comes complete with a rugged Depth Collar which controls the depth of your drill bit when drilling. The Depth Collar is secured in place on the bit with the included Allen Wrench. This Deck Jig™ drill bit and the KTX driver bit which came with your Deck Jig™, are fully compatible with standard ¼” quick change chucks.