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SKU: S31400K42
Size: 1-1/2 Quart Kit
Description: System Three SilverTip QuikFair Kit
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1-1/2  QUART KIT

SilverTip QuikFair

            Technical Data Sheets
QuikFair is a lightweight, microballoon-filled, fast-curing two-part epoxy fairing putty with excellent moisture resistance. The two color-coded parts have a non-sagging, butter-like consistency and are easily mixed to form a third color. At 25°C (77°F) QuikFair is sufficiently cured to be hand-sanded in 3 hours or machine sanded in 4 hours. This allows the user to apply three coats each 24 hours in a standard eight-hour shift or six in a round-the-clock basis.

Recommended Uses:

Use QuikFair on both fiberglass and wood-epoxy boats above or below the waterline.