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SKU: S31500K40
Size: 1-1/2 Pint Kit
Description: System Three RotFix Kit
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Wood Sealer & Consolidator for Rot Repair 


Technical Data       
Rot Fix is an easy to use, low viscosity epoxy wood sealer, primer, and consolidant for repair and restoration of rotted, deteriorated, dried out or spongy wood. RotFix is a component of The EndRot System. It creates a, sound, waterproof base for Sculpwood, our repair and restoration filler putty.

Product Description:
An ultra-low viscosity, penetrating sealer for hardening and solidifying rot damaged wood.
• 100% solids formulation is low odor and solvent free.
• Flows like water for superior penetration into wood and most porous materials.
• Two part system features an easy 2:1 mixing ratio.
• Apply by pouring or brush.
• Reliably; cures at temperatures as low as 35°F.
• Can be used on damp wood.
• Use to harden soft, “punky”, wood as a base for further repair.
• Seals wood permanently to prevent future moisture penetration.
• Part of the EndRot Repair and Restoration System by System Three for permanent repairs to rot and insect
damaged architectural components.

Recommended Uses: Use Rot Fix to penetrate deep into deteriorated and rotted wood creating a strong, solid base for restoration. After Rot Fix application, replace missing sections with System Three SculpWood.


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