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Size: 8/4
Price: $7.29/BF
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Spanish Cedar Lumber FASEL, 8/4

Spanish Cedar Lumber / Exotic Lumber features:

  • Spanish Cedar Lumber
  • FASEL (First and Seconds, Select Grade)
  • 8/4
Spanish Cedar (Exotic Lumber) is uniform in color ranging from pink to reddish brown. The wood darkens with age, and commonly is straight grained with a medium texture. Spanish Cedar Lumber is moderately durable to insect attack, also weathers well. Easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Due to its softness, Spanish Cedar Lumber can leave a blurry surface if not machined with very sharp cutters. The texture and gum pockets which remain can make finishing a challenge.

Common uses are: Veneer, plywood, cabinetry, and boat building.

Spanish Cedar Lumber origin: Native to Central, South America and the Caribbean.

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