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Size: DVD
Description: "MARQUETRY #2" Paul Schurch
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'Marquetry' by Paul Schürch
Volume 2 - DVD

The second DVD of the Schürch Masterclass Series, this comprehensive 133 minute DVD demonstrates the process of creating marquetry. It has great information for both beginning and advanced woodworkers. This project-oriented program includes step-by-step instructions for creating both a circular 16 piece radial match and a floral marquetry panel from start to finish.

You will learn:

      • The History of Marquetry
      • New Hand and Machining Techniques for Working Veneer
      • Sand Shading Techniques
      • Time Saving Tips
      • Trouble-Shooting Solutions
      • The Use of Glues, Veneer Presses, Sanding and Finishing
      • Edging Details

This comprehensive video demonstrates the process of creating Marquetry. It is a project-oriented study that includes step by step instructions for creating a circular 16 piece radial match and a floral marquetry panel, start to finish.

This DVD also covers: The history of marquetry, new hand and machining techniques for working veneer, sand shading techniques, time saving tips, trouble-shooting solutions, edging details, information on glues, veneer presses, sanding, and finishing.

The marquetry furniture featured will demonstrate what is possible using the skills and techniques Paul shares with you on this DVD.

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