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SKU: 570789
Size: 115mm (4-1/2")
Description: T-Lock RAS115.04E Rotary Sander
Price: $360.00/EA
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Festool 4 1/2" Rotary Sander

The RAS 115 is light, easily-managed tool, specially designed for stripping coatings fast. Gear reduction gives it high torque and a speed range of 1500-4000rpm, ideal for fast, controlled stock removal. The lower speed prevents abrasive discs from overheating and clogging, an important consideration for stripping old varnishes and paint layers. All controls are positioned for easy use. The RAS 115 is well balanced and easy to hold, with a handle under 2 1/2" thick. It comes with an attachable side handle for vertical use, and weighs only 5lbs. You can swivel the dust extraction hood as desired by just twisting the side handle, fro a good view and optimum dust extraction. A spindle lock permits fast tool-less backing pad changes.

If you strip coatings and prep surfaces regularly, this is the tool for you. The speed range and torque are ideal for the task, and the extremely efficient dust extraction helps keep the air and the area clean. A swiveling hood enhances dust extraction, while giving you a clear view of the work piece.

* Fast Stock Removal, High torque to power through material Moderate speed prevents abrasive clogging.
* Great Controllability, Light, and handle just 2 1/2" thick for an easy hold

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