Tulipwood Longwoods Veneer

Tulipwood is a stunningly beautiful hardwood which is in short supply. Its pores are open and medium-sized. Grain is usually straight, with a fine texture. The color and figure can be highly variegated. The wood reported as having a low decay resistance, although it is resistant to insect attack.

Tulipwood Longwood Veneer is likely to be very expensive, and seldom available as boards because the tree itself is only found in a narrow geographical area, and it’s small enough to be considered a shrub: typically yielding very small and narrow boards. This wood is generally reserved for very small specialty wood items and accent pieces due to these limited supply.

Average Dried Weight: 60 lbs/ft3 (970 kg/m3)
Janka Hardness Test: 2,500 lbf (11,120 N)

Tulipwood Veneer tends to be difficult to work due to its high density; also has a blunting effect on cutters. Tulipwood can be difficult to glue do to an abundance of natural oils and high density. Turns very well and takes a high polish.
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