Pacific Yew

Pacific Yew is among the hardest of all softwood species. Yew is relatively uncommon, and larger tree trunks are usually hollow. This wood is certainly a unique species. Pacific Yew wood density and working characteristics are more inline with a heavy hardwood than a softwood, yet its tight, fine grain and smooth texture gives a lustrous finish.

Pacific Yew veneer is resistant to most insect attack and very durable in regard to decay resistance. It has a good natural luster and straight grain with a fine uniform texture.

Average Dried Weight: 44 lbs/ft3 (705 kg/m3)
Tensile Elasticity: 1,350,000 lbf/in2 (9.31 GPa)
Janka Hardness Test: 1,600 lbf (7,120 N)
Bending strength: 15,200 lbf/in2 (104.8 MPa)
Compressive strength: 8,100 lbf/in2 (55.9 MPa)

Pacific Yew longwood veneer, overall is an easy wood to work, also turns well with glues and finishes. Though yew wood knots and other grain irregularities can pose a challenge.
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Yew, Pacific, P/S, Flitch, Rustic,     B .6mm x 73-111"L VYEW101 Yew, Pacific, P/S, Flitch, Rustic, B
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