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Black Limba Surfaced Lumber

Black Limba has varied degrees of brown, black, and orange highlights throughout.  Relatively soft and is easy to work with.  Origin: Tropical West Africa. Black Limba is commonly used for musical instruments and furniture.
Size Price Qty
BLACK LIMBA 13/16" S2S1E BLA311 BLACK LIMBA 13/16" S2S1E $10.75/BF
BLACK LIMBA, 12" & Wider 13/16" S2S1E 12" Up BLA315 BLACK LIMBA, 12" & Wider 13/16" S2S1E 12" Up $11.85/BF
BLACK LIMBA 1-3/4"-1-13/16" S2S1E BLA331 BLACK LIMBA 1-3/4"-1-13/16" S2S1E $8.80/BF