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Bubinga Surfaced Lumber

Bubinga often has a wavy grain and sometimes highly figured. The sapwood is pale yellow which is truly a contrast from the dark reddish brown with black streaks of the heartwood. Easy to work with. Origin: Africa. Common uses are: inlays, furniture, and cabinetry.
Size Price Qty
BUB11 BUBINGA, 18" and Wider 13/16" S2S1E, 18" Plus $17.55/BF
BUBINGA, Flatsawn 13/16" S2S1E BUB13 BUBINGA, Flatsawn 13/16" S2S1E $13.86/BF
BUBINGA, Quartersawn 4/4 BUB14 BUBINGA, Quartersawn 4/4 $14.48/BF
BUBINGA, Flatsawn 1-13/16" S2S1E BUB21 BUBINGA, Flatsawn 1-13/16" S2S1E $13.32/BF
BUB73 BUBINGA, Flatsawn
2-13/16" S2S1E $13.32/BF