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Edensaw Woods Ltd. is a SawStop Dealer

SawStop industrial Cabinet Saws are not available for online purchase.
Please contact our store- 1-800-745-3336
Size Price Qty
SSPCS175-TGP252 XX Professional Cabinet Saw w/52 XX 10" Prof. 1.75hp 110v $2,569.00/EA
SSPCS31230-TGP25 SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw w/52" 10" Prof. 3hp 230v $2,999.00/EA
SSPCS31230-TGP23 SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw w/36" 10" Prof. 3hp 230v $2,899.00/EA
SSICS31230 SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw 10" Ind. 3hp 230v Call For Price
SSICS51230 SawStop Industrial Cabinet Saw 10" Ind. 5hp 230v Call For Price
SSCNS175TGP52 SawStop Contractor Saw w/52"Professional 10" Cont. 1.75 hp $1,899.00/EA
SSCNS175TGP36 SawStop Contractor Saw w/36"Professional 10" Cont. 1.75 hp $1,799.00/EA
SSCNS175SFA30 SawStop Contractor Saw w/30" Aluminum 10" Cont. 1.75 hp $1,599.00/EA