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Edensaw Woods Ltd. is a SawStop Dealer

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Size Price Qty
SSCB104009 XXSawStop Contractor Standard InsertXX $39.00/EA
SSCB10418460T SawStop Sawblade 10" 60T $35.00/EA
SSCBFA-CBFT3600 SawStop Industrial T-Glide Fence 36" $450.00/EA
SSCBFA-CBFT5200 SawStop Industrial T-Glide Fence 52" $550.00/EA
SSCNS-SFA SawStop Contractor Aluminum Fence 30" $150.00/EA
SSCNS07017 SawStop Cast Iron Wing Single 1 each $100.00/EA
SSCNS0714840T SawStop Sawblade 10" 40T $29.00/EA
SSCNSCIWA SawStop Cast Iron Wing Assembly PAIR $189.00/EA
SSCNSDCP SawStop Contractor Dust Collection Panel 2.5" and 4" $49.00/EA
SSCNSJDC SawStop Contractor Saw Jobsite Cart $199.00/EA
SSCNSMBCNS0000 SawStop Contractor Saw Mobile Base $160.00/EA
SSMB-IND-000-5 SawStop Industrial Cabinet Mobile Base $299.00/EA
SSMB-IND-000-500 SawStop Ind. Base Conversion Kit $29.00/EA
SSMB-PCS-000 SawStop Professional Cabinet Mobile Base $199.00/EA
SSOFT30CNS000 SawStop Outfeed Table 30" $99.00/EA
SSTGP2-FRT36A SawStop Professional T-Glide Fence 36" $350.00/EA
SSTGP2-FRT52A SawStop Professional T-Glide Fence 52" $450.00/EA
SSTSA-ODC SawStop Overarm Dust Collect Assym. $199.00/EA
SSTSBC10L SawStop Standard Brake Cartridge clear 10" $69.00/EA
SSTSBC10R2 SawStop Standard Brake Cartridge BLUE 10" $69.00/EA
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