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Ebony Gabon Exotic Lumber

The heartwood is jet-black, with very little variation, grayish-brown streaks may be present. Ebony Gaboon has a very fine texture and the grain is commonly straight. Can be a challenge to work with but is considered to be very durable to insect infestation. Takes finishes well.  Origin: West Africa.  Common uses: Piano keys, pool cues, instruments and carvings.

Price Qty
EBO1-Billets Ebony, Gabon, Billets $7.50/LB
Ebony, Gabon, Resawn Billets EBO2-Resawn Ebony, Gabon, Resawn Billets $10.00/LB
Ebony, Gabon, Resawn Billets EBO5-Showroom Ebony, Gabon, Resawn Billets $10.00/LB