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SNAPPY Hinge Bits

Use Snappy hinge bits to accurately drill pilot holes in hinges, handles, drawer slides and other hardware. Ensures screws will be straight and flush for proper mounting of hardware. The hardened nose bushing centers itself in the hardware for a perfectly centered pilot hole.
Price Qty
5/64" Hinge Bit SNAPPY45105 5/64" Hinge Bit $11.50/EA
7/64" Hinge Bit SNAPPY45107 7/64" Hinge Bit $11.50/EA
9/64" Hinge Bit SNAPPY45109 9/64" Hinge Bit $13.00/EA
11/64" Hinge Bit SNAPPY45111 11/64" Hinge Bit $22.00/EA
13/64" Hinge Bit SNAPPY45113 13/64" Hinge Bit $20.50/EA