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Size: 6.45oz cartridge
Description: System Three SilverTip GelMagic u-TAH
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SilverTip GelMagic™

Non-Sagging Structural Adhesive

Technical Data Sheet
GelMagic is a toughened, non-sagging, two component, structural epoxy adhesive designed for superior bonding to wood and most porous materials. It is unique in that it starts as two self-leveling liquids, which form a soft, thixotropic, sag-resistant paste when mixed. Measuring is easily accomplished by either volume or weight. GelMagic requires no additional modification with fillers and can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces without running, eliminating the mess and waste associated with other epoxies. GelMagic exhibits exceptionally high peel strength and employs a state of the art, two-phase epoxy morphology, which creates an adhesive bond that is tougher, more resistant to embrittlement and has better elevated temperature properties than other room temperature cured epoxy adhesives. GelMagic can be post-cured up to 140°F for even greater performance. Two hardeners are available: Regular and Slow (for extra-long working time). See the Technical Data Sheet (link to TDS) for more detailed information.

Recommended Uses:
Specifically designed for optimum adhesive properties. Not a general-purpose resin made for coating and then modified with filler to act as an adhesive. When fully cured, it is unaffected by water, oil, kerosene, and many other chemicals. It will not stain wood and is immune to fungus and rot. GelMagic is ideal for stitch-and-glue, plywood, strip built and glued lap strake construction. Also use GelMagic as a high strength, gap filling, waterproof adhesive for general woodworking and architectural applications.

Mixed at a 2 to 1 by volume ratio, GelMagic will cure at temperatures as low as 35°F. Two color component system aids in determining a complete mix. Mixes to a pre-thickened, non-sagging state. No fillers needed.

System Three u-TAH™ Cartridge
We offer the following products: QuickCure 5, T-88 Structural Adhesive and SilverTip GelMagic in the u-TAH Cartridge. QuickCure 5 is our quick setting epoxy adhesive. With QuickCure 5, you will have 2-3 minutes of working time and your joint will be tack free in 5-minutes. Our structural epoxy adhesive, T-88, is also available in cartridges for jobs that require longer pot life and overnight cure. If your application requires a sag-resistant adhesive, SilverTip GelMagic is for you.

With the u-TAH Cartridge there is never any need to measure the part A and the part B. The dual chambered cartridge does that for you and the Mixing Tips blend the resin and hardener as the product is dispensed. There is never any need to mix. If you’d prefer to dispense into a cup or other mixing vessel, use our convenient Ratio Check Cap (great for dispensing small quantities).

If you have never applied epoxy products with a dispensing gun you will be amazed when you try our new u-TAH Cartridge. It takes all the measuring and mixing out of the process of using epoxy. All you have to do is point and shoot. The mixing tip will put the precise amount of epoxy exactly where you want it with no mess and minimum waste.